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Telehealth & Appointment Reminders

Reduce attrition and meet patients where they are with virtual care

Digital Tools for Better Care

ContinuumCloud’s patient engagement platform, powered by CaredFor, provides the tools and support you need to deliver high-quality care in person and virtually. The app provides private messaging and telehealth capabilities to answer patient questions and provide care online. The app also includes appointment reminders that can help reduce attrition for both virtual and in-person care. Of course, the entire app is HIPAA compliant, ensuring that protected health information remains secure at all times.


Teach more patients and meet them where they are with telehealth capabilities built directly into the app.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows and missed appointments with automated reminders sent through the app.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Patients can ask questions and providers can answer with secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging.

Improve the Patient Experience

Reach More Patients
Improve Attendance Rates
Provide Convenient Care
Ensure Data Security
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Reach More Patients

Digital solutions like telehealth and messaging can help you reach more people in need. In particular, those who live in more rural areas or who don’t have the means to regularly come to your office can still gain access to the care they need with digital solutions.

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Improve Attendance Rates

Missed appointments cost your organization valuable time and money. Automated appointment reminders help reduce attrition and keep your organizational operations flowing seamlessly with fewer no-shows and better attendance to keep your providers’ schedules full.

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Provide Convenient Care

Telehealth and messaging also offer a convenient option for patients to receive care. By providing both in-person and virtual care delivery options, you’re empowering patients to make their own choices about how they receive their care, leading to better engagement and outcomes for your entire organization.

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Ensure Data Security

As a HIPAA-compliant solution that’s specifically designed for behavioral health and human services organizations, our patient engagement app provides better data security than traditional digital communications like email and text messages, helping protect both you and your patients.

Patient Engagement Datasheet

A sense of connection is essential for every individual’s wellbeing. Our patient engagement app, powered by CaredFor, provides the ideal digital environment for fostering connection.

Organizations can monitor and maintain the community while creating a safe and secure space to share support on the journey to wellbeing.

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Why CaredFor?

Branded for Your Organization

Our white label patient engagement platform allows you to customize the look and feel of the app with your organization’s own branding for a more personalized touch.

Designed for Behavioral Health
The CaredFor app offers features and functionality designed specifically for mental health care, SUD treatment, and related behavioral health and human services organizations.
Built for Clients, Families & Alumni

Extend the continuum of care and reach more people through the patient engagement app. Clients can receive support between sessions, families can view resources to provide additional support, and alumni can stay engaged and on the right path post-treatment.

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