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Talent Management

Connect performance, goals, credentials, and recognition in one system

Keep Your Team Engaged & Productive

Talent management is the first step toward engaging and retaining your workforce. ContinuumCloud’s HCM and payroll solution features the talent management functionality you need to ensure your team is performing at their best. With capabilities like regular check-in reminders, credential management, goal setting across teams, our talent management feature keeps your entire workforce learning and growing together.

Check In Regularly

Managers can set up regular check-ins with employees to ensure everyone’s on track with performance and aligned with organizational goals.

Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Provide feedback and training opportunities to promote your teams’ personal growth and continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Manage Credential Requirements

Credential compliance is key. Our system automates credential management to ensure all licensures and certifications among your staff are up to date.

Engage & Retain Top Talent

Close the Feedback Loop
Replace the Spreadsheets
Achieve More Together
Recognize Your Peers
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Close the Feedback Loop

Still going through the motions with annual appraisals and not seeing results? Today’s modern workforce demands a modern performance management strategy with flexible feedback tools. So, part ways with those paper forms and instead create paperless performance appraisals online. Effortlessly tailor them to each position using rule-based configurations and templates. You can even automate quick weekly check-ins using templates tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Build them once, choose the cadence, and optimize the employee experience. It’s that easy.

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Replace the Spreadsheets

Credential compliance is critical to your bottom line. It deserves more than just a spreadsheet. Our solution ties credentials to specific positions to easily track licenses, certifications, education, and any other position requirements, all online. Forgetful employees? We automate reminders when credentials are due to expire, prompting employees to upload new documents to their electronic file for review. Dynamic reporting shows current and forecasted compliance rates, so you can proactively spot issues and eliminate funding clawback. Not to mention, you’ll pass that next audit with flying colors.

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Achieve More Together

Align your organization to achieve your mission with cascading goals. Our configurable goal management solution enables you to create goals for executives, managers, and all team members by cascading organizational objectives down to each employee. Monitor goal completion and include goal setting in your performance management strategy to increase engagement, development, and retention. You can also set up individual contributor productivity targets to ensure efficiency in operations and meet critical revenue targets.

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Recognize Your Peers

Involve all employees in positive and productive communication with peer-to-peer recognition. Employees can recognize their team members for great work directly in the HCM platform. Your organization can name your recognition feed to align with your culture. Choose “high five” or “fist bump” for a collaborative message, or choose “shout out” or “kudos” for more straightforward recognition purposes. This feed is visible on the HCM home page for all employees to see, helping everyone share in celebrating each other’s contributions.

Talent Management Datasheet

Your workforce is your most important asset and one worth investing in. Our talent management functionality provides you with the tools you need to keep everyone engaged and doing their best work. From setting up trainings tailored to individual goals to ensuring everyone’s credentials are kept up to date, our HCM and payroll solution helps support your workforce at both the individual and organizational level.
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Why DATIS e3?


Our specialization in behavioral health and human services for more than 25 years allows us to provide unparalleled support and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Position Control-Based

Position Control enables you to budget, track, and report on your organization by position, rather than employee - providing greater visibility into vacancies, budgets, and costs.


Our solution streamlines complex operations with configurable organizational dimensions. Additionally, we offer 9 different methods for capturing labor and time allocations across programs and service lines.


The DATIS e3 system helps automate complex pay scenarios such as employees with multiple assignments, multiple pay rates, shift and skill differentials, and more, with a robust, rules-based payroll engine.

Fully Unified

Our fully unified solution provides a single platform encompassing the entire employee lifecycle. With a single codebase, data flows seamlessly across all functional areas for cross-departmental reporting.