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Surveys & Reports

Use self-evaluation and feedback surveys to gather insights

Track & Measure Outcomes

ContinuumCloud’s patient engagement app provides a convenient way for organizations to check in and interact with patients and alumni. You can easily send out self-evaluations, mini-surveys, and ask questions, providing micro-interactions that are easier to respond to. Gather the insights you need to support your programs and treatment plans to provide the highest quality care at your organization.

Gather Feedback

Sending surveys to patients and alumni through the app can help you gather insights about what is and isn’t working in your programs.

Check In On Progress

Micro-interactions are also a great way to check in on someone and allow for earlier intervention if needed.

Measure Outcomes

Measuring patient outcomes both in the near-term and long-term is essential for supporting a value-based care model.

Micro-Interactions for Macro Insights

Engage Clients Outside of Treatment
Measure Patient Outcomes
Get the Feedback You Need
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Engage Clients Outside of Treatment

Engaging clients in a user-friendly mobile app that’s secure and HIPAA-compliant is a great way to extend the continuum of care. The CaredFor patient engagement app provides the tools and resources you need to ask patients questions, check in with alumni, and keep in touch beyond the traditional treatment setting.

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Measure Patient Outcomes

Outcomes measurement is essential for your organization. You need the data to know what is and isn’t working and the insights to determine what changes to make. Measuring patient outcomes is also essential for value-based care models, helping to show how effective your treatment services are.

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Get the Feedback You Need

Because these surveys can be presented as micro-interactions that only take a minute or less to complete, you’re more likely to get a better response rate. Answering one or two quick questions is a lot easier on patients, families, and alumni than filling out extensive questionnaires.

Patient Engagement Datasheet

Checking in on patients and alumni benefits everyone. The organization can receive feedback on ways to improve their services, and they can detect potential relapse sooner to provide timely care.

Patients and alumni are able to stay active participants in their own care and get the support they need when they need it.

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Why CaredFor?

Branded for Your Organization

Our white label patient engagement platform allows you to customize the look and feel of the app with your organization’s own branding for a more personalized touch.

Designed for Behavioral Health
The CaredFor app offers features and functionality designed specifically for mental health care, SUD treatment, and related behavioral health and human services organizations.
Built for Clients, Families & Alumni

Extend the continuum of care and reach more people through the patient engagement app. Clients can receive support between sessions, families can view resources to provide additional support, and alumni can stay engaged and on the right path post-treatment.