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A spectrum of solutions intentionally designed to serve behavioral health and human services organizations.


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Software to Support Your Mission


Organizations that need to meet the 6 core CCBHC requirements and are looking for the right technology to achieve CCBHC status.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health treatment, counseling, integrated primary care, outpatient, and residential services to promote wellbeing.

Substance Use Treatment

Substance use treatment, group therapy, community support, day programs, and MAT services supporting the road to recovery.

Child & Family

Youth programs, therapeutic foster care, and comprehensive family support services for healthy family development.

I/DD & Autism

Supported living, educational and vocational programs, ABA therapy, and day services to help people reach their full potential.


Providing safe havens, temporary and transitional shelter, assisted living, homelessness services, and more.

Other Human Services

Diverse services that support our communities, including public health, school-based care, senior care, LTPAC, advocacy, and more.


Designed to Support a Continuum of Care

We’re on a mission to achieve yours. And we know that providing a continuum of care requires a continuum of solutions—systems that enhance the employee experience while improving client outcomes.

Our modern and mobile solutions are intentionally designed to suit the unique needs of behavioral health and human services organizations providing a wide variety of community services.


2024 Behavioral Health Industry Trends Report

Explore the latest trends and insights in this industry report.

65% of organizations are planning to grow or expand services in 2024.

Only 13% of organizations say they can fill key positions quickly.

Only 38% of organizations use a patient portal to help clients access their health information.

Less than half (45%) of organizations are using digital tools to streamline workflows.


Better Together

Electronic Health Record
Human Capital Management
Patient Engagement

Improve Client Care & Outcomes

Streamline your workflows and increase client engagement with an EHR platform designed for both providers and patients. Manage your caseload, schedule, documentation, revenue cycle, and more, all in one platform.

Increase Workforce Visibility & Productivity

Get the visibility you need with position control-powered software that encompasses the entire employee lifecycle including recruiting, payroll, timekeeping, talent management, benefits, workforce analytics, and more.

Create a Connected Community

Create an online community with a patient engagement platform designed to connect, engage, and influence clients, alumni, and their families. This social app helps reduce attrition and improve outcomes for the people you serve.


Modern, Mobile, and On A Mission

Behavioral health and human services organizations play a vital role in our communities, and demand for services only continues to increase.

Our modern and mobile suite of solutions reimagines how technology, teams, and clients intersect to enhance the employee experience, increase workforce productivity, and improve service delivery.