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Care Journeys

Provide patients with personalized experiences on the path to wellness

Curate Personalized Care Journeys

Personalized care can help improve outcomes among your patients. Care Journeys allow you to customize that patient experience. Providers can build out a series of tasks, resources, surveys, and more for patients to complete, guiding them on a more personal Care Journey. Whether built for an individual client, for a group of people, or on a specific subject matter, Care Journeys let you curate the experience for better care delivery.

Personalize Patient Care

Create a series of tasks and resources specifically for your patient or for a specific group to provide relevant and timely resources.

Engage Clients

Keep clients, patients, and alumni engaged no matter where they are on their journey to wellbeing.

Complement Traditional Treatment

Provide tasks, resources, and interactive content for members between or after sessions.

Extend the Care Continuum

Build a Care Journey
Share Care Journeys
Curate Better Experiences
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Build a Care Journey

The CaredFor app makes it easy to build a custom Care Journey with the resources, images, and cadence you want. You’ll be able to create instructions, add steps to build out the journey, set a cadence, and save it in the app so that it’s ready whenever you’d like to send it to a patient or a group.

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Share Care Journeys

Manually send a Care Journey that’s been built out already, or set it up to send automatically based on account creation date, admission date, discharge date, or Journey start date. You can also automate Care Journeys to send out based on specific actions in the app, such as a patient joining the app for the first time or when a potential relapse is triggered.

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Curate Better Experiences

With easy-to-use tools and the ability to automate a curated experience for an individual or a group, you can augment patient care with digital tools that help enhance the patient experience – all without adding to your provider workload.

Care Journeys Datasheet

Provide a curated patient experience with ease using Care Journeys, exclusively available in the CaredFor patient engagement app. You’ll be able to extend the continuum of care and provide a better experience with the automation tools you need to augment care delivery without requiring additional labor and resources to create high-quality content.
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Why CaredFor?

Branded for Your Organization

Our white label patient engagement platform allows you to customize the look and feel of the app with your organization’s own branding for a more personalized touch.

Designed for Behavioral Health
The CaredFor app offers features and functionality designed specifically for mental health care, SUD treatment, and related behavioral health and human services organizations.
Built for Clients, Families & Alumni

Extend the continuum of care and reach more people through the patient engagement app. Clients can receive support between sessions, families can view resources to provide additional support, and alumni can stay engaged and on the right path post-treatment.