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Attract top talent to your organization with a seamless recruiting process

Streamline Your Recruiting Cycle

Recruiting talent has been a top priority and challenge for behavioral health and human services organizations for years. Finding qualified talent and attracting them to your organization begins with creating a positive experience for your candidates. ContinuumCloud’s HCM and payroll solution includes an applicant tracking system that makes it easier to streamline your recruiting process and provide a great first impression.

Post Jobs With One Click

Easily post open positions to multiple job boards to reach a wide audience and get the word out there.

Unify Progress Tracking & Feedback

Our applicant tracking system allows for all decision-makers to view and rate candidates within the system.

Seamlessly Transition to Onboarding

As a unified HCM and payroll system, candidate data seamlessly flows to the employee file for new hires, minimizing paperwork during onboarding.

Accelerate the Recruiting Process

Amplify Your Job Openings
Review & Rate, All in One Place
Fill Key Positions Faster
Hire Smarter with Workflows
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Amplify Your Job Openings

Have a position approved to fill? Time to spread the word. With just one click, you can instantly push the job posting to multiple career sites like Careers.com and Monster to quickly attract applicants. Open positions will also display on your company’s branded career site, which enables applicants to learn about your company culture, mission, and vision – increasing engagement before they even apply and letting them easily complete an application configured specifically for that position.

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Review & Rate, All in One Place

Now it’s time to dive into your applicant pool. You and any other decision makers will be able to review and rate applicants, leave notes, and track their progress through your configured recruiting funnel. Multiple ratings create a composite score – allowing the entire team to contribute to identifying top talent. Then, you can easily schedule interviews and notify unqualified applicants using templated emails.

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Fill Key Positions Faster

The interactive and actionable organizational chart gives you complete visibility into current and expected vacancies. You’ll be able to get the ball rolling on recruiting efforts to fill positions faster. Position Control enables a simplified and straightforward recruiting process, as vacant positions maintain their required attributes like career level, credentials, and salary range. Simply review the position details and job description, make any necessary adjustments, and submit the position to be approved to fill through an automated workflow.

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Hire Smarter with Workflows

Found the perfect applicant? Great! Our approval to hire workflow lets upper management quickly approve the candidate and offer details internally, so you can call your applicant and share the good news. Then, you can immediately send off a preconfigured offer letter with custom fields populated with their position details, credential requirements, and salary. The candidate will receive their offer via email and be able to accept and sign with just one click.

Recruiting Management Datasheet

A streamlined recruiting process is the first step in managing and maintaining your staffing levels.

With ContinuumCloud’s HCM and payroll solution, you’ll have the applicant tracking system you need to manage the entire recruiting cycle. Attract, engage, and retain top talent with the digital tools that let you focus on your people first and foremost.

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Why DATIS e3?


Our specialization in behavioral health and human services for more than 25 years allows us to provide unparalleled support and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Position Control-Based

Position Control enables you to budget, track, and report on your organization by position, rather than employee - providing greater visibility into vacancies, budgets, and costs.


Our solution streamlines complex operations with configurable organizational dimensions. Additionally, we offer 9 different methods for capturing labor and time allocations across programs and service lines.


The DATIS e3 system helps automate complex pay scenarios such as employees with multiple assignments, multiple pay rates, shift and skill differentials, and more, with a robust, rules-based payroll engine.

Fully Unified

Our fully unified solution provides a single platform encompassing the entire employee lifecycle. With a single codebase, data flows seamlessly across all functional areas for cross-departmental reporting.