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Time & Attendance

Easily manage timekeeping for your mobile and modern workforce

Ensure Accurate Timekeeping

Tracking time and attendance is essential for any business. But it can be especially challenging for behavioral health and human services organizations, with employees working in multiple locations, across different programs, and at different pay differentials. With ContinuumCloud’s HCM and payroll solution, you get the time and attendance tools you need to automate processes and streamline timekeeping. Our flexible solution is designed to work the way you work to accommodate your modern and mobile workforce.

Clock In on the Go

Our HCM mobile app provides employees with the convenience of clocking in from their phone, wherever they’re working. Use geofencing and IP restrictions to ensure employees are only able to track time from approved locations.

Automate Accuracy

Easily keep track of shift or skill differentials, employees working across multiple positions, complex accruals, and more. When it’s time, data flows directly to payroll, ensuring accuracy from start to finish.

Allocate and Track Labor Costs

Leverage multiple options for tracking and managing labor costs across various organizational dimensions to report on your dynamic workforce down to the minute and extract granular allocation data to report back to funders.

Easily Transition from Time to Money

Configurable Clock In Methods
Seamless Submissions
Accelerated Approvals
Payroll Preview Process
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Configurable Clock In Methods

Our Time & Attendance software caters to your modern workforce by giving you the freedom to clock in and out from any web-enabled device. Assign punch rules that allow your mobile workers to clock in using an app, while ensuring onsite staff are using punch stations at the office. Our platform also enables employees to transfer between departments, job codes, programs, and funding sources.

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Easily Send to Payroll

All employees receive an email reminder when it’s time to submit their timesheets. Any clock punches, transfers, and approved PTO will populate the timesheet automatically. Employees can quickly review and submit their time from any device, completing the electronic attestation to ensure compliance. For employees consistently working across various programs or cost centers, time can be automatically allocated using percentages. Those with less predictable schedules can be prompted to complete an effort report to allocate their time.

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Accelerated Approvals

From their dashboard, managers can monitor employee overtime and review how many timesheets are submitted or outstanding. Timesheet flags promptly alert managers to address issues like missing punches, negative leave balances, or unallocated time. If an employee works under multiple supervisors, each one will be able to see and approve only the time that was worked in their department.

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Payroll Preview Process

When all timesheets are in, you’ll have the green light to process payroll. The timesheet dashboard will display fully green pie charts to alert you that all timesheets have been submitted and approved. You can also drill down into an individual timesheet to review any that are flagged for issues or any that have not yet been submitted. Quick links allow you to email reminders to managers and employees to streamline issue resolution before running payroll.

Time & Attendance Datasheet

Tracking and managing time is essential for your organizational operations. Not only does it help you maintain regulatory compliance, but it also ensures your employees are compensated accurately for their work. It also helps your organization understand and measure productivity, which is an important indicator of your operational health.

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Why DATIS e3?


Our specialization in behavioral health and human services for more than 25 years allows us to provide unparalleled support and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Position Control-Based

Position Control enables you to budget, track, and report on your organization by position, rather than employee - providing greater visibility into vacancies, budgets, and costs.


Our solution streamlines complex operations with configurable organizational dimensions. Additionally, we offer 9 different methods for capturing labor and time allocations across programs and service lines.


The DATIS e3 system helps automate complex pay scenarios such as employees with multiple assignments, multiple pay rates, shift and skill differentials, and more, with a robust, rules-based payroll engine.

Fully Unified

Our fully unified solution provides a single platform encompassing the entire employee lifecycle. With a single codebase, data flows seamlessly across all functional areas for cross-departmental reporting.