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Patient Portal

A secure central hub for clients and clinicians to collaborate on care

Engage Clients Through the Patient Portal

Welligent Connect allows clients and clinicians to collaborate on care more easily. As part of ContinuumCloud’s EHR solution, this intuitive patient portal lets your clients access their personal health information anywhere. They can upload or complete documents like new patient forms, request and cancel appointments, pay invoices, request refills, exchange messages with your organization, view test results, and more.

Encourage Client Engagement

Increasing client engagement and investment is associated with better health outcomes.

Improve Communication

Secure information exchange reduces time spent on basic inquiries so that clients can more easily access the information they need.

Increase Collaboration

One centralized hub makes it easy for your clinical team to review client information and collaborate on care.

Collaborate with Clients on Care

Read-Only Medical Records
Empower Your Clients
Create a Better Client Experience
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Read-Only Medical Records

Providing clients with access to their medical records can help engage them in their care journey. Welligent Connect features the ability to provide read-only medical records, so your clients can view their personal health information without any risk of records being modified or deleted in your system. The medical record can show as much or as little information as you’d like, including current health issues, medication listing, allergy listing, immunizations, surgical history, and family medical history.

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Empower Your Clients

Welligent Connect provides clients with access to the tools they need to take control of their health. Through the patient portal, clients can request new appointments, request referrals, request prescription refills, and send general comments and questions to your staff. This allows clients to get the information they need more easily, while freeing up your front desk staff from constant phone call requests.

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Create a Better Client Experience

Digital tools that enable appointment scheduling, refill requests, and online communication are increasingly becoming an expectation. Organizations that fail to adapt to these expectations are at risk of losing new and existing clients, while those that do create a better client experience that can help improve outcomes.

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Client engagement is essential for improving outcomes, and Welligent Connect provides the ideal digital space to connect with clients and collaborate on care. This feature is designed specifically for behavioral health and human services organizations and is configurable to suit your needs.

From clients scheduling a behavioral health session to foster parents logging in to ask a question, Welligent Connect provides you with the flexible, yet secure, solution you need.

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Why Welligent?


Our holistic behavioral health EHR is designed for all human services organizations. With tools to support front desk staff, client engagement, provider documentation, and the entire revenue cycle, you’ll have everything you need in a single EHR solution.


Our EHR platform is cloud-based for enhanced security and HIPAA compliance. Your team will have the access they need to a system that is regularly enhanced and updated to provide you with the features and functionality that suit your needs.


Behavioral health and human services organizations are uniquely complex. You need an EHR that can support that complexity. Our system is highly configurable to suit your existing workflow needs and can be modified by program for a tailored fit to suit the many ways in which you work.