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Referral Tracking

Set up a peer referral program to expand your reach and serve more people

Expand Your Community

The CaredFor app is designed to support the people you serve at all stages of the patient lifecycle. This includes peer referrals, a useful feature that allows current app members to easily refer a family member or friend to join the app. This feature supports a financially sustainable method for gaining leads, increasing admissions, and improving quality of care, even before formal treatment has begun.

Improve access to care

The CaredFor app provides an easy and low-effort starting point for those seeking or considering seeking care, offering a digital front door for your organization.

Increase admissions

Leverage your existing network of clients to expand your community and reach more people, allowing your organization to increase admissions and serve more people.

Improve financial sustainability

Peer referrals are some of the most cost-effective leads for your business and can help your organization grow in a financially sustainable manner. Discover the cost savings with this interactive calculator.

Provide more effective care

You can more easily track the entire patient journey with the CaredFor app, even before formal treatment or services have begun, leading to more effective and personalized care.

Referrals Made Easy

Set Up Your Referral Program
Track Your Referrals
Provide Service and Care
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Set Up Your Referral Program

The CaredFor app makes it easy to set up a safe and secure peer referral program. Existing members can easily provide the name of a friend or family member, prompting the referral to receive an invitation to a designated Referrals team within the app. The referred individual doesn’t have to do a Google search or rely on word of mouth to try and find their way to you. You can create specific communities within the app tailored toward this specific group of people.

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Track Your Referrals

You can easily view referrals that come in through the app, identifying who’s been sent an invite, who’s accepted, and who hasn’t. You can also customize the messaging of the invitation to the app and receive notifications when a new referral has been sent. Referral tracking in the CaredFor app makes it easy to ensure that referrals are attributed to the correct source.

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Provide Service and Care

Create a positive first experience for individuals who have been referred to the app with a community and series of educational and supportive resources that are tailored to this pre-treatment group. You can also provide easy next steps and encourage them to schedule an appointment at your organization.

Referral Tracking Datasheet

ContinuumCloud’s patient engagement app, powered by CaredFor, includes features that allow existing members to refer family and friends who may benefit from the app. Enabling this feature can be highly beneficial to your organization by increasing patient engagement and improving your admissions rates.

View the datasheet to discover the features and functionality the CaredFor app provides to make peer referrals a seamless and automated process for your organization.

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Why CaredFor?

Branded for Your Organization

Our white label patient engagement platform allows you to customize the look and feel of the app with your organization’s own branding for a more personalized touch.

Designed for Behavioral Health
The CaredFor app offers features and functionality designed specifically for mental health care, SUD treatment, and related behavioral health and human services organizations.
Built for Clients, Families & Alumni

Extend the continuum of care and reach more people through the patient engagement app. Clients can receive support between sessions, families can view resources to provide additional support, and alumni can stay engaged and on the right path post-treatment.