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Reporting & Outcomes

Easily prepare data and design visual reports for real-time decision making

Make Reporting Work for You

ContinuumCloud’s industry expertise means you have easy access to over 1,200 of the most commonly used, in-depth, self-service reports. Plus, you’ll have ad hoc reporting tools at your disposal to create custom reports based on your unique needs. Our EHR reporting system is menu-driven, so it’s easy to filter metadata to access need-to-know information for more effective decision making. Plus, ContinuumCloud’s EHR provides read-only access to comparative data so you can find industry averages and compare against national databases for big-picture analysis.


Create reports on every aspect of your practice, including revenue, billing, reimbursement, staff workflow, efficiencies, and more.


ContinuumCloud’s EHR makes it easy to stay in compliance with document submissions.


Get a clear-eyed view of active clients, schedules, behaviors, cycle summaries, treatment plans, claims, billing, or any other information you require.

The Clinical Data You Need

Ensure Compliance with Requirements
Use Self-Service Reporting Tools
Access Industry Data for Analytics
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Ensure Compliance with Requirements

Accurate and on-time reporting is essential for behavioral health and human services organizations to maintain regulatory compliance. With ContinuumCloud’s EHR reporting features, you’ll be able to easily draw up the information you need to submit to keep your organization in good standing.

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Use Self-Service Reporting Tools

ContinuumCloud’s EHR features over 1,200 self-service reports of standard metrics and the most commonly requested information. You can also filter metadata for quick access to the information you’re specifically looking for. With the ability to pull from a library of standard reports as well as the power to create your own custom reports with ease, ContinuumCloud’s EHR can help you quickly and easily pull the data you need.

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Access Industry Data for Analytics

Knowing how your organization is doing is one thing, but understanding how your operations compare with industry standards is another. ContinuumCloud’s EHR features integrations with third-party dashboards so that you can access the data you need.

Calculate the ROI of a New EHR

Measuring outcomes and reporting on your results is easier with a configurable EHR solution. Check out this interactive calculator to discover the return on investment when you switch from manual processes to a purpose-built behavioral health EHR. Simply answer a few questions, and you’ll get an estimate of how much an EHR can save you each year.

View the interactive calculator here to get started.

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Why Welligent?


Our holistic behavioral health EHR is designed for all human services organizations. With tools to support front desk staff, client engagement, provider documentation, and the entire revenue cycle, you’ll have everything you need in a single EHR solution.


Our EHR platform is cloud-based for enhanced security and HIPAA compliance. Your team will have the access they need to a system that is regularly enhanced and updated to provide you with the features and functionality that suit your needs.


Behavioral health and human services organizations are uniquely complex. You need an EHR that can support that complexity. Our system is highly configurable to suit your existing workflow needs and can be modified by program for a tailored fit to suit the many ways in which you work.