ContinuumCloud is pleased to partner with industry leaders to provide comprehensive services for behavioral health and human services organizations. Explore our partnerships and associations below.

ContinuumCloud’s Ecosystem for Behavioral Health

The ContinuumCloud spectrum of solutions includes the Welligent EHR platform, DATIS HCM and Payroll system, and CaredFor patient engagement app. Each of these solutions is intentionally designed for the behavioral health and human services industry, featuring the configurability and visibility to meet complex organizational needs. When leveraged together, these solutions integrate to provide an enhanced ecosystem to power your organization forward, building the framework your organization needs to support patients, providers, and processes so that you can achieve your mission.

Integration Partners for Comprehensive Solutions

ContinuumCloud integrates its products with industry leaders offering best-in-class solutions to provide the comprehensive and tailored solutions you need to help you achieve your mission.

Associated with Industry Leaders

We’re committed to supporting behavioral health and human services organizations and are proud to be affiliated with leading organizations that are dedicated to promoting and advocating for the industry as well.

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