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Internal Chat

An internal chat system to coordinate schedules, workflows, and care

Secure & Convenient Messaging

Reduce email clutter and chat directly with anyone logged into your EHR. It’s perfect for alerting clinicians to clients in the waiting room, sending quick updates to the client treatment team, or coordinating schedules. Keep the simple things simple with a chat feature designed specifically for behavioral health and human services organizations.


Use Welligent Chat to keep communications secure and accessible without cluttering your inbox.


With one-on-one online instant messaging, you’ll be able to communicate in real time.


Our secure chat system is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring protected health information stays protected.

Streamline Workflows with Messaging

Send Secure 1-1 Communication
View Who's Online & Available
Connect With Your Team
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Send Secure 1-1 Communication

Using an instant messaging chat feature that’s built right into your EHR ensures secure communication as you send and receive messages that may contain sensitive patient information. Whether it’s a quick note to let a provider know their client just arrived or a longer back and forth to consult on a treatment plan, Welligent Chat allows for the one-to-one communication your agency needs with HIPAA-compliant security built in.

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View Who’s Online & Available

Welligent Chat allows you to easily see who’s online and available if you need a quick answer to a question or another immediate response. This can help your team communicate and collaborate more seamlessly to ensure workflows move forward and clients receive a seamless experience.

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Connect With Your Team

Whether you have multiple locations, remote workers, or front-line employees in the field, real-time chat helps keep everyone connected and communicating effectively. No need to clog up your inbox with unread messages.

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With Welligent Chat, your entire organization will be able to communicate more effectively for simple and streamlined operations.

Easily view who’s connected and available to chat, send instant notifications to coordinate care, and create a better experience for your clients with a chat feature that has everything your organization needs.

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Why Welligent?


Our holistic behavioral health EHR is designed for all human services organizations. With tools to support front desk staff, client engagement, provider documentation, and the entire revenue cycle, you’ll have everything you need in a single EHR solution.


Our EHR platform is cloud-based for enhanced security and HIPAA compliance. Your team will have the access they need to a system that is regularly enhanced and updated to provide you with the features and functionality that suit your needs.


Behavioral health and human services organizations are uniquely complex. You need an EHR that can support that complexity. Our system is highly configurable to suit your existing workflow needs and can be modified by program for a tailored fit to suit the many ways in which you work.