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Surveys & Engagement

Keep your clients engaged and informed with mass communication options

Easy Communication Anywhere

ContinuumCloud’s EHR features WellConnect, a powerful tool that can be used for sending updates and notifications to large audiences as well as for sharing surveys and engaging with clients. Whenever your organization has a change that needs to be communicated with all clients, or both clients and providers, WellConnect provides the ideal method for easily spreading the word.

Send Updates to All Clients

Provide updates about office hours, services, and other information to your entire active client list.

Share Info with Internal Staff

You can send messages internally to all of your providers and staff at once.

Build Surveys to Increase Engagement

WellConnect allows you to securely build and send surveys to engage clients and measure their progress.

Engaging Survey Experiences

Communicate with Clients & Care Teams
Configure Surveys and Experiences
Send Surveys via Email
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Communicate with Clients & Care Teams

WellConnect allows for secure communication to clients and other EHR users, giving your organization the ability to quickly disseminate important information to everyone. Whether your office hours are changing, you’re adding new service offerings, or you have any other important updates to announce, WellConnect gives your organization the tools you need to spread the word efficiently yet securely.

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Configure Surveys and Experiences

ContinuumCloud’s EHR system makes it easy to configure events based on your specific needs. Whether you’re sending a survey to your clients or an internal memo to your staff, you’ll be able to configure the type of message, audience, subject, and other parameters to publish surveys and other notifications that are sent to the appropriate people all at once.

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Send Surveys via Email

WellConnect is a highly effective engagement tool that can help you assess client needs, track progress, and gather feedback on your services. Once you’ve built your survey in the system, the client will receive an email invitation that lets them access and complete the survey. You can set specific timeframes for completion, send reminders to anyone who hasn’t completed the survey, and do any necessary follow-up directly from WellConnect.

EHR Overview Datasheet

Keeping your clients and teams informed about organizational changes is essential to ensuring everyone’s on the same page. Survey+ provides a convenient and secure way of accomplishing just that.

With configurable surveys and audiences, you can also use this valuable tool for engaging with your clients before, during, or after treatment to extend the continuum of care.

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Why Welligent?


Our holistic behavioral health EHR is designed for all human services organizations. With tools to support front desk staff, client engagement, provider documentation, and the entire revenue cycle, you’ll have everything you need in a single EHR solution.


Our EHR platform is cloud-based for enhanced security and HIPAA compliance. Your team will have the access they need to a system that is regularly enhanced and updated to provide you with the features and functionality that suit your needs.


Behavioral health and human services organizations are uniquely complex. You need an EHR that can support that complexity. Our system is highly configurable to suit your existing workflow needs and can be modified by program for a tailored fit to suit the many ways in which you work.