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Position Control

A better way to organize your workforce for enhanced visibility and budgeting 

Maximize Resources and Visibility with Position Control

Position Control offers the solution behavioral health and human services organizations need to better organize their workforce. As the foundation of our HCM and payroll solution, Position Control uses positions to create the organizational structure, rather than employees. While the positions remain static, employees can be assigned to a position, moved to different positions, or split their time between positions. At the same time, position attributes stay coded to that position, eliminating needless data entry and allowing for the organizational structure to remain intact, even as employees move into, around, and out of these positions.

Better Visibility

Position Control allows you to see your entire workforce at a glance, including vacancies, filled positions, and the whole organizational structure for unsurpassed visibility into your operations.

Better Budgeting

With better visibility into your workforce operations, you’ll be able to budget more effectively. Positions must be approved to fill before posting to prevent overbudgeting, and daily lost revenue reports can help identify which open positions should be prioritized.

Better Workflows

With Position Control, the chain of command is never broken. Approvals and requests simply flow up to the next position level if there’s a vacancy, helping to avoid bottlenecks and broken workflows. 

The Power of Position Control

Streamline Your Organizational Structure
Assign Inheritable Attributes to Positions
Remove Any Budgeting Blind Spots
Manage and Measure with Key Metrics
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Streamline Your Organizational Structure

It might sound simple, but most organizations struggle to keep an accurate headcount. Position Control enables you to view your entire workforce, their contact info, position details, and more, all on one organizational chart. This interactive and actionable chart also allows managers and executives to perform actions on employees, review applicants for open positions, and simulate forecasts.

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Assign Inheritable Attributes to Positions

With an employee-based system, position details and attributes need to be coded to each position every time a new employee comes on board. With Position Control, those days are over. Position details and attributes are coded to the position instead of the employee, so each person that fills that position will inherit those attributes automatically. Best of all? No more “rogue” or “orphaned” positions, because each new hire must be placed in an approved-to-fill position.

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Remove Budgeting Blind Spots

Most budgeting issues are caused by blind spots in our systems and issues that we don’t see until they show up on our annual reports. Increasing workforce visibility is the first step to achieving budgeting compliance. With Position Control, you can build your organization from the ground up. This allows you to strategically allocate staff to the appropriate programs, cost centers, and funding sources – maximizing your budget and controlling costs without sacrificing service quality.

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Manage and Measure with Key Metrics

Position Control enables detailed, real-time reporting for the entire employee lifecycle. Coded position attributes allow you to report on your organization using up to nine unique levels, including programs, cost centers, and funding sources. Configure standard reports to meet your needs or dig deeper with our custom report writer. Plus, we never archive your data, so you’ll always have a full picture of your workforce.

Position Control Datasheet

Position Control is the foundation and structure for our HCM and payroll solution, which provides a holistic workforce management solution for behavioral health and human services organizations.

It’s just one of the ways in which we’re able to provide you with tailored solutions to better serve your industry.

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Why DATIS e3?


Our specialization in behavioral health and human services for more than 25 years allows us to provide unparalleled support and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Position Control-Based

Position Control enables you to budget, track, and report on your organization by position, rather than employee - providing greater visibility into vacancies, budgets, and costs.


Our solution streamlines complex operations with configurable organizational dimensions. Additionally, we offer 9 different methods for capturing labor and time allocations across programs and service lines.


The DATIS e3 system helps automate complex pay scenarios such as employees with multiple assignments, multiple pay rates, shift and skill differentials, and more, with a robust, rules-based payroll engine.

Fully Unified

Our fully unified solution provides a single platform encompassing the entire employee lifecycle. With a single codebase, data flows seamlessly across all functional areas for cross-departmental reporting.