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Family & Alumni Programming

Enhance long-term outcomes with programming for families and alumni

Extend the Care Continuum

Just because a treatment program has ended doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with your patients. With ContinuumCloud’s patient engagement app, it’s easy to create programming just for alumni and families to extend the continuum of care. Families often play an important role in supporting a patient on their path to wellbeing, and the app provides dedicated resources and insights to provide them with support as well. Alumni programming is also easier than ever through the online peer community, helping to keep patients on the path to wellbeing after traditional treatment has ended.

For Patients

Create an extensive network of support through families and alumni to help patients on their path to wellbeing.

For Families

Provide resources for families to understand and support the needs of a family member receiving treatment or a child receiving foster care services.

For Alumni

Continue to connect and engage with alumni after they have graduated from initial or traditional treatment.

Support a Wider Network

Create a Safe Space
Connect Families & Alumni
Share Relevant Resources
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Create a Safe Space

Invite alumni and family members to the app and set expectations with automated private messages. The app provides a secure space for individuals with shared experience to support each other, whether they’re family members caring for a loved one in treatment or alumni who are navigating life post-treatment.

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Connect Families & Alumni

The app provides an easy way for families and alumni to ask questions and receive timely responses. Your organization can interact with and engage members through public posts on the app or take conversations offline with private messaging.

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Share Relevant Resources

The app provides a convenient space for you to share relevant resources and content that aligns with your approach to treatment. Family members and alumni often resort to the internet for information and may have trouble finding the reputable and reliable information they seek. The app creates a convenient space for sharing the resources they need.

Patient Engagement Datasheet

With family and alumni programming capabilities made easy with the CaredFor patient engagement app, you’ll be able to extend the continuum of care beyond your traditional treatment setting. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to support a patient.

The CaredFor app provides you with the tools and resources you need to support that community and provide better care for patients, alumni, and families alike.

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Why CaredFor?

Branded for Your Organization

Our white label patient engagement platform allows you to customize the look and feel of the app with your organization’s own branding for a more personalized touch.

Designed for Behavioral Health
The CaredFor app offers features and functionality designed specifically for mental health care, SUD treatment, and related behavioral health and human services organizations.
Built for Clients, Families & Alumni

Extend the continuum of care and reach more people through the patient engagement app. Clients can receive support between sessions, families can view resources to provide additional support, and alumni can stay engaged and on the right path post-treatment.