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ContinuumCloud’s EHR solution, powered by Welligent, offers the comprehensive and configurable features to meet the complex needs of California providers.

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Supporting the Complex Needs of California Providers

Behavioral health and human services organizations throughout California must contend with an extensive range of local, state, and federal regulations. From CalOMS reporting to ongoing CalAIM updates, organizations need a tailored EHR solution that supports their complex and evolving needs. ContinuumCloud’s EHR solution, powered by Welligent, offers a comprehensive and configurable clinical, billing, and reporting platform that can help California providers maintain regulatory compliance and support their mission of providing high-quality care.

ContinuumCloud has customers with county contracts in 24 of California’s counties, and our customers have operations in 50 California counties. With a large and growing footprint in the state, ContinuumCloud is the EHR vendor you can rely on to support your complex regulatory needs.


Comprehensive Clinical, Billing & Reporting Capabilities to Meet California Requirements

ContinuumCloud has extensive experience with Specialty Mental Health and Drug Medi-Cal ODS settings in California in a wide range of outpatient, residential substance use disorder treatment, CalAIM Enhanced Care Management, and withdrawal management ASAM levels of care and outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services to Medi-Cal Beneficiaries.

As a comprehensive clinical, billing, and reporting solution, ContinuumCloud’s EHR platform allows data from clinical documentation to flow directly into billing for enhanced accuracy and clean claim submissions as well as comprehensive and timely reporting. Our EHR solution supports:

Eligibility verification, including Aid Codes

Submission of CPT, Revenue, and HCPCS codes

ANSI ASC X12 837P 5010

835 Remittance and 277CA

Bill Medicare/Medi-Cal and OHC or secondary payors

Robust configuration of billing codes as determined by customer

Standardized Assessment Tools

E-Prescribing / eMAR

Meeting Complex CCBHC Requirements
Supporting CalAIM Changes
IBHIS, Interoperability & Health Information
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Meeting Complex CCBHC Requirements

For clinical workflows, case management, documentation, care coordination, and outcomes reporting, ContinuumCloud’s EHR platform provides a robust solution for CCBHCs. Organizations in California that are looking to achieve to maintain their CCBHC status can leverage our highly configurable EHR solution to manage different program needs, interoperability, treatment planning, and decision support. As an ONC-ACB certified EHR that complies with all HIPAA requirements, ContinuumCloud’s EHR offers the foundation organizations in California need to meet the care coordination requirements for CCBHCs.

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Supporting CalAIM Changes

Building on previous initiatives to improve access and quality of care in California, CalAIM sets forth a variety of programs and reforms that behavioral health and human services organizations must follow for Medi-Cal eligibility. This wide-sweeping, multi-year initiative involves ongoing changes, and ContinuumCloud’s EHR solution provides the ideal platform for organizations to continue to adapt to CalAIM updates.

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IBHIS, Interoperability & Health Information Exchange

ContinuumCloud’s Welligent EHR platform was the first EHR to have customers live on the IBHIS interoperability project. IBHIS is the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health’s (LAC DMH) secure, web-based Health Information Exchange system. It was designed to comply with HIPAA and improve clinical service delivery, as LAC DMH is the largest county mental health service system in the nation. We know what it takes to work with California’s complex billing and service regulations, and our strong presence in the state sets us apart from other EHR vendors.

A Spectrum of Solutions for California Providers

As requirements evolve over time, ContinuumCloud is committed to continuously improving and configuring our EHR solution to meet the ongoing needs of California providers. As part of our spectrum of solutions intentionally designed for behavioral health and human services organizations, we also offer an industry-tailored HR and payroll system featuring a Position Control framework that is well-suited to handle complex wage and hour requirements in California. Additionally, our patient engagement platform integrates with our EHR to enhance the patient experience and help your organization provide whole-person, value-based care.

Certified EHR for Meaningful Use

ONC CERTIFIED HIT® is a registered trademark of HHS.
SLI CERTIFIED® is a registered trademark of Gaming Laboratories International, LLC dba SLI Compliance.

Why Welligent?

Our holistic behavioral health EHR is designed for all human services organizations. With tools to support front desk staff, client engagement, provider documentation, and the entire revenue cycle, you’ll have everything you need in a single EHR solution.
Our EHR platform is cloud-based for enhanced security and HIPAA compliance. Your team will have the access they need to a system that is regularly enhanced and updated to provide you with the features and functionality that suits your needs.
Behavioral health and human services organizations are uniquely complex. You need an EHR that can support that complexity. Our system is highly configurable to suit your existing workflow needs and can be modified by program for a tailored fit to suit the many ways in which you work.
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