Patient Engagement Platform

Foster long-term engagement with the individuals you serve through an interactive mobile app. CaredFor, Part of the ContinuumCloud, helps organizations better connect with patients, alumni, and families to reduce attrition and improve outcomes through a supportive, secure online platform.

Patient Engagement Platform
CaredFor Community

Peer Support Community

Encourage 24/7 peer support by enabling users to share personal milestones and achievements facilitated through a monitored platform to encourage positive feedback and interactions among patients, alumni, and families.

CaredFor Messages

Messaging & Reminders

Engage users more frequently and efficiently to help reduce attrition with HIPAA-compliant private messaging, appointment reminders, and telehealth through a direct channel that is more secure than texting and email.

CaredFor Library

Content Library

Enable better patient or alumni education with a tailored content library that is aligned with your organization’s specific approach to programming while providing staff with greater clarity as to treatment and outcomes.

CaredFor Surveys

Surveys & Events

Deliver surveys for self-evaluation and programming feedback presented as micro-interactions over time to increase participation. Reporting makes it easy to track short- and long-term outcomes and trends.

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Learn More About Our Patient Engagement App

Discover how our patient engagement app helps connect the dots and extends the continuum of care for a better patient experience. Create a sense of connection and community among patients, alumni, and families with peer support, events, telehealth, and personalized care journeys to improve patient outcomes.
CaredFor Patient Engagement

Engage Across the Care Continuum

The CaredFor platform allows for a diverse set of micro-interactions that continually engage and support clients as it leads them toward their treatment goals. Your organization can build lasting relationships and improve outcomes by integrating the patient engagement platform throughout multiple programs and levels of care, including family and alumni programming, to foster continuous support and engagement across the care continuum.