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A Patient Engagement App for Substance Use Treatment

Connect, engage, and influence patients, alumni, and families throughout their mental health or recovery journey to see better outcomes for the people your serve as well as your organization. Take a look inside the app to see how.

Enhance the Patient Experience

Build relationships with clients, patients, alumni, and families to provide the necessary support and a positive experience that connects and engages the people you serve.

Maximize Resources & Reduce Costs

Maximize your impact with an app that supports and supplements your existing programming before, during, and after treatment without adding to your team’s administrative workload.

Measure & Improve Outcomes

Monitor the patient experience, measure treatment progress, and improve outcomes through configurable surveys and assessments delivered in a series of micro-engagements.


Supporting the Entire Patient Lifecycle

Pre Treatment
During Treatment
Post Treatment

Getting Started

Taking the first step is often the hardest. As patients are seeking out treatment for the first time, completing assessments, and going through intake, the CaredFor app provides a friendly way to help them out. Appointment reminders, assessments, and resources on what to expect in treatment can all be delivered directly through the app so individuals can feel comfortable and confident in your care.

Enhancing Treatment

Engage patients between sessions with curated Care Journeys and other patient education resources that can help support them on their path to wellbeing. With a robust library of resources that can be tailored to your specific approach to treatment, the CaredFor app allows you to extend the continuum of care beyond the bounds of traditional clinical settings.

Connecting the Community

Have you ever wondered how a patient is doing years or even weeks after treatment has ended? Maintain relationships and meaningful connections with alumni, families, and the greater community through the CaredFor app. Providing a safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant space to build a peer community, host events, and keep in touch, the CaredFor app supports and allows you to more easily measure long-term outcomes.

Designed for Your Entire Organization

For executives

The CaredFor app enhances the entire patient lifecycle, supporting multiple departments throughout your organization, to improve long-term outcomes.

For admissions

Increase engagement and perform assessments as individuals are entering and receiving treatment to increase admissions and reduce attrition.

For alumni & community

Create a peer community that continues to engage patients post-treatment and support them on their path to wellbeing.

For marketing

Connect with patients, alumni, families, and the community to increase referrals and expand your reach/promote your organization.

For clinical

Provide patient education and personalized care journeys that support your treatment plans to supplement the care you provide.

For programs

Develop impactful and accessible programs delivered in a user-friendly app that features a content library, events, social features, and much more.

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Ready to Learn More?

The CaredFor app is designed to support your existing programs and treatment plans by providing additional tools that you can leverage before, during, and after treatment.

Ready to learn how the CaredFor app can help improve outcomes at your organization? Let’s get in touch!

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