A Patient Engagement App for Mental Health

Engage clients beyond traditional treatment settings with an interactive digital app to support individual care plans.

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PE Software

Create an Engaged Community

Build long-term engagement with the individuals you serve through the CaredFor patient engagement app. The interactive platform allows for a diverse set of micro-interactions that continually engage and support clients as it leads them toward their treatment goals. Your organization can build lasting relationships and improve outcomes by integrating the patient engagement platform throughout multiple programs and levels of care, including family and alumni programming, to foster continuous support and engagement across the care continuum.

Telehealth & Appointment Reminders

Reduce attrition with appointment reminders and telehealth services in a HIPAA-compliant platform.

Surveys & Assessments

Track and measure outcomes through data collected in self-evaluation and feedback surveys.

Personalized Care Journeys

Curate a series of tasks, check-ins, and resources to engage patients beyond traditional treatment settings with personalized digital experiences.

Curated Content Libraries

Improve client engagement and quality of care with curated resources that align with care plans and your organization’s approach to programming.


Ready to Learn More?

The CaredFor app is designed to support your existing programs and treatment plans by providing additional tools that you can leverage before, during, and after treatment.

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