What is ContinuumCloud

(Or is it Continuum Cloud?)

Here at ContinuumCloud, our mission is to provide behavioral health and human services organizations with the software they need to operate effectively and provide better outcomes.

But what exactly is ContinuumCloud, and where did this name come from?

The solutions we provide and the work that we do has always been inspired by our clients – those in the behavioral health and human services industry who are committed to helping people and strengthening our communities. Just as they provide a continuum of care to their clients, we provide a solutions that enable these organizations to achieve their mission.


Continuum + Cloud = Behavioral Health Solutions

Our company name combines these two essential elements that make up who we are and what we offer:

    • Continuum – A continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct.
    • Cloud – Networked computing facilities providing remote data storage and processing services via the internet.

The term “continuum” refers to our spectrum of software solutions, and the term “cloud” refers to the way in which our software operates, which enables continuous and real-time improvements. From EHR to HCM, our cloud solutions enable the continuum of care that behavioral health and human services organizations strive to provide. Our specialization in your industry means we understand your unique operational needs and can speak your language as we tailor our solutions to best suit your organization.


Why isn’t it Continuum Cloud?

There’s one more detail that went into the creation of our company name, and that’s the lack of a space between Continuum and Cloud. Yes, that’s intentional! Our mission is all about bringing things together to create continuity. We chose ContinuumCloud over Continuum Cloud as it better reflects our intention to create seamless experiences across a full spectrum of solutions, without any gaps or stopping points.

ContinuumCloud is proud to be the leading source for a continuumcloud solutions for behavioral health and human services organizations. Learn more about us here.

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